Highgate Handmade

I just want to let you know about an incredible etsy shop that i came across for all you pen enthusiasts, it’s called “Highgate Handmade”. The shop and all the pens are made by Geoff Walker, who is a super talented pen maker and creates some truly unique items. Here are a few examples that […]

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Ola Layflat Weekly Planner

Ola Layflat Weekly Planner I want to share with you another great product from Ola. I had previously wrote a review on their stunning notebooks and this weekly planner is another step up in both quality and design. The planner i was kindly sent shows off the Navy Shapes print design. The design is simple […]

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Night Navy

NIGHT NAVY I recently received some products from an outstanding stationery shop on Esty called Night Navy. They specialise in all things calligraphy and stationery and have some truly amazing and elegant products. They are also masters in embossing and can emboss any of the items in their shop in no less than 50+ colours. […]

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Paper Things

I found another wonderful stationery website that i’d love to share with you. It’s called Paper Things and they sell a wide range of neat looking stationery, from well known brands, to some you may have never heard of but will definitely want to try out. Best thing of all, they have stationery for every […]

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The London Graphic Centre

Whilst online recently I came across a fantastic website called the “London Graphic Centre” which is a stationery addicts dream. I was blown away with their huge array of stationery and art products, all of which are of the best quality and the site itself is super intuitive and easy to navigate. It turns out […]

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Luckies of London

I kindly received some really nice stationery from “Luckies of London”, who not also sell incredible stationery but also design, make and sell some really great gifts. For review, Luckies sent me their “Set In Stone” stationery set, Ice Lolly Notes and City notes. SET IN STONE STATIONERY SET You know you have something special […]

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The Stamford Notebook Co.

I’m really excited tell you about an incredible notebook company that I recently found called “The Stamford Notebook Co“. They’re based in Stamford, England, and make some of the highest quality, handmade notebooks/journals and diaries that I have ever seen. Every book is handmade to perfection and the level of love and workmanship poured into […]

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