Highgate Handmade

I just want to let you know about an incredible etsy shop that i came across for all you pen enthusiasts, it’s called “Highgate Handmade”. The shop and all the pens are made by Geoff Walker, who is a super talented pen maker and creates some truly unique items. Here are a few examples that are on the store just now…




All of the pens are handmade and can be personalised for your needs. He is always evolving as a pen maker by bringing out new designs and incorporating new technology. The pens he has on his store at the moment are truly stunning and pieces of art in their own right.

What makes the shop and the pens even more special is the inspirational story behind Geoff’s drive to create these pens. I’ll let him tell you in his own words…

“Highgate Handmade was set up following a nasty accident I had leaving me an amputee and in constant pain. After years of trying pain meds and they themselves leaving more side effects than their worth. My family and I decided to set up a specialist workshop accessible in a chair for me to find pain relief through focused distraction.”

His pens are quite possibly some of the most well crafted and stunning looking I’ve ever seen! I urge you to go visit his store by clicking here. But wait, for a limited time you can get 10% any of the pens by typing the voucher code “ALIFEOFSTATIONERY10” at checkout.

I really love what Highgate Handmade are creating and feel that independent pen makers like Geoff need our support. So if you’re a stationery addict like me, go visit the store.

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