Paper Things

I found another wonderful stationery website that i’d love to share with you. It’s called Paper Things and they sell a wide range of neat looking stationery, from well known brands, to some you may have never heard of but will definitely want to try out. Best thing of all, they have stationery for every budget. So there is no excuse not to visit them at

The nice people over at Paper Things kindly sent me some of their own branded products to review. All of their items are manufactured in the UK and the paper is sourced from sustainable forests and printed with vegetable based inks. So it’s a thumbs up from me. On the outset i can honestly say their own products are incredible and really useful. They sent me a bundle of checklist/organiser notepads and a really neat “Write and draw your own story book”. Lets start with the book…

First off, Paper Things believe in giving you value for money, this A4 sized book is chocked full of paper, and will keep any child amused for a very long time. Most of the book as seen below has a section for a picture and a section for a story on each page, towards the back of the pad you get lots of nice sheets of blank paper, all of which can be torn out easily with no ragged edges. The paper itself is really nice to draw on and made to a high standard. I gave this to my young son to try out and he loved it, in fact he has been using it since i received it in the mail, and is still using it. That itself speaks volumes for the quality, durability and play factor of this notepad.


Paper Things really know how to make great checklists. They sent me a Budget planner, Grocery checklist, Travel checklist, Daily planner, Things i must do and Things to do. Now we have all seen similar checklists before, but what makes these ones different and honestly amazing, is how comprehensive they are… plus they have great colour schemes. Each list is tearable, made of really high quality paper, has a backboard for stability, additional writing space and look really, really nice. As mentioned, the lists are really comprehensive, each page is double sided with a whole list of items, the grocery checklist for instance literally has everything my family needs on one sheet. These checklists are very well thought out and really do cover all the bases. Never again will you forget that product from the shop or that item you should have packed in your suitcase.

On the same note, the daily planner and things to do pads are equally useful. There is plenty of space to add your plans and each pad has the checklist function, making them super useful. The daily planner has already become a feature in my everyday life.

Paper Things is an incredible website with some truly amazing stationery, each of their products has been well thought out and i can honestly say that their own line of items are exceptional. I’d highly recommend checking out the site at

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