Luckies of London

I kindly received some really nice stationery from “Luckies of London”, who not also sell incredible stationery but also design, make and sell some really great gifts. For review, Luckies sent me their “Set In Stone” stationery set, Ice Lolly Notes and City notes.


You know you have something special when even the packaging something arrives in looks great, and this stationery set does not disappoint. It arrives in a beautiful presentation box, with each piece of stationery having its own compartment, which really impressed me. The stationery set contains – 1 Journal / 2 Pencils / 1 Ruler / 140 Sticky notes / 50 Paper clips / 30 push pins. Each and every item in this set has been well thought out and made to very high standards. The journal is a lined hard back, with high quality paper and a stunning marble effect finish, the nice thing about this journal is that every page has a place to insert a date at the top, which i wish a lot more notebooks would do. Next up is the ruler, which is made of metal (nice touch) and feels really nice to use, it’s a weird thing to say, but i really, really like this ruler. The sticky notes follow the marble theme and unlike a lot of sticky’s, they actually stick really well. The paper clips and push pins are gold in colour and come in well designed clear plastic boxes, both of which adds a touch of elegance to what would normally be an ordinary office staple. Finally the pencils fall into perfect harmony with the rest of the set, 1 marble and 1 gold effect, they also write really smoothly. This set is truly incredible stationery set which would make for a perfect gift or just something really cool to use yourself.


Ok, these Ice Lolly sticky notes are 100% the most brilliant, fun, colourful notes i have ever seen, they are amazing. Just look at the picture below and tell me if they don’t make you smile. These notes really do look like an Ice Lolly, the notes are pulled from the top of the lolly and are circular in shape. Like the sticky’s from the “Set in stone” set they stick really well. They also make really great colourful page markers. The most genius thing about these sticky notes is that the lolly pop stick is actually a pencil, so you always have something handy to write your notes down. I just love these sticky notes.


These really cute sticky notes are very clever in design. They depict the cityscape of London, and are designed in such way that each line of buildings fit behind the other, creating a really cool sense of depth. These are really fun to use and are a joy to look at.

The stationery i was sent by Luckies Of London was truly of the highest quality in both design and function, the thought that this company has put into all of their stationery and other gifts is remarkable. I could spend hours and a lot of money on their website, as everything on it is wonderful and unique. If you’re looking for a gift idea for anyone of any age, then Luckies Of London will have you covered. Visit them at,

or on


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