Pepper and cute – 2019 Diary

Pepper and cute, a great online stationery company sent me their stunning 2019 diary to review.

To be honest I find most diaries can be a little boring, with there plain black or brown covers and endless pages of days and dates repeated over and over… But not here, the first thing that you notice about this diary is the wonderful design and knockout colour scheme. It actually makes you smile when you look at it, it’s the happiest looking diary I’ve ever seen.

The diary’s an A5 spiral bound hardcover, and is jam packed with cuteness. There are so many features in this diary that I won’t be able to list them all, but let me run through a few of them for you. There are lists to fill in, from things you want to accomplish to books you want to read throughout the year. A map to track where you visit. A holiday checklist to make packing easier. A money planner. A section to keep track of favourite people to follow online, Inspirational quotes to help motivate, cute stickers…phew, plus much more.

The actual date part of the planner is set out perfectly. Each page goes from Monday to Sunday and each day has a nice grid for you to list your daily plans. A really nice feature is that a small month calender is at the top of every page, so you can quickly glance at the month. It even has little tear off corners at the end of each weeks page so you can quickly find the current week.

This diary is phenomenal, has tons of features, cute design and a complete joy to own.

Find it more about this diary and other cute stationery over at #pepperandcute

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