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Trigger Life Mapper

I kindly got sent a page a day planner from it turns out that this is no ordinary planner, but a fully functioning Life Mapper that helps with productivity, mindfulness, gratitude and reflection that aims to help you meet your goals. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never used a Life Mapper before and wasn’t even sure what it was, but after spending some time with this one I was blown away with how useful it was.

The book itself is built to a very high standard, it has an embossed hardcover, is A5 in size, has great quality paper through out and feels like a true premium product. It even has a useful elastic band attached to the cover to help keep everything in its place… Its a small detail but I really like it.

Inside the book, it of course has a page a day planner to help keep your life in order, but unlike other planners Trigg helps you plan each day into what’s most urgent to least urgent, helping you better manage your day. During the week you’ll also come across Trigg points which will guide you by asking proactive questions or suggestions to help motivate you in reaching your goals.

Taking about goals, the Trigg planner will also help you achieve goals in your work, passions, relationships and self by setting weekly goals and reflecting on what you’ve achieved each week.

One of my favourite things about this planner is the inspirational comments on each page that really make think.

I’m honestly only touching the surface on what this planner can do, there is so much content and thought went into the making of this, it’s mind-blowing. This planner will help, organise and dare I say change your life…it’s a truly incredible product.

Please check out the Trigg life mapper homepage here. You won’t be disappointed.

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