FPR Indus Fountain Pen

Fountain pen revolution (www.fprevolutionusa.com) is a great website that specialises in all things fountains pens. The nice people over at FPR sent me there own fountain pen called the “Indus”. The pen comes in a variety of colours with different nibs. The full spec from the website says…

“The FPR Indus Fountain Pen offers a slim design and gold tone clip and ring. It’s clutchless design allows for easy disassembly and maintenance, and it is compatible with all of our FPR #5.5 nibs. Check out our flex nib options or customize it with tipping of your choice.


Piston filled
Clutchless design for easy disassembly
Sturdy metal clip and cap ring
Screw on cap
5.5 two-tone nib and plastic feed

Available Colors: Clear, Red Caps Demo, Blue Caps Demo, Yellow Caps Demo, Violet Caps Demo, Blue, Red, and Black


Length capped: 13.2cm (5.2”)
Length posted: 15cm (5.9”)
Section diameter: 1cm (0.4”)
Body diameter 1.1cm (0.43”)
Weight (empty): 14g (0.5oz)
Nib Options: EF, F, M, B, Stub, Steel Flex, Steel Ultra Flex, 14k Gold Fine, 14k Gold Flex”

The pen I got given is shown above, it came with the ultra flex nib… and it’s quite frankly amazing. The pen is very well designed and really comfortable to hold. You can fill the pen with ink (probably the best option) but I went for using a cartridge. The pen was easy to dismantle and the cartridge was painless to install. When it came to the important bit, the writing, the pen was a powerhouse, the ink flowed super smoothly and the ultra flex nib glided across the page.

The nib itself was really fun to use, i could press as hard or as soft as I liked and the nib just flexed and worked with no issues.

The “Indus” pen is a incredible, I’ve used many Fountain pens in the past and the Indus honestly rivals some of the best on the market, and it’s a really great price. I highly recommend you check it out along with the other pens and accessories at (www.fprevolutionusa.com)

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