St. Cuthbert’s Mill Watercolour paper review

I recieved some truly incredible, premium quality “Bockingford” watercolour paper from St Cuthberts Mill who are based in Somerset, England. They specialise in the paper manufacturing of high quality mould made artists papers, using one of the few remaining cylinder mould machines left in the world.

They sent three varieties of their paper, all in 300 gsm, 7″x 5″ wirebound 12 sheet pads.

The 3 different Bockingford pads come in HP white, CP (NOT) White and Rough (White). All three are pictured respectively below. Hp being the smoothest and Rough being the most textured pad.

The paper in all of these pads turned out to be incredible and hands down the highest quality of any watercolour paper I’ve ever used. The pads are robust in build and all of them are really nice to paint on, the paint soaks in great with no paper buckles.

I would highly recommend this paper for professionals and hobbyists alike due to its high quality, weight and great texture.

My favourite was the Rough White paper, but that’s just a personal preference.

St. Cuthbert’s Mill makes these papers as well as a great range of others. Find out what they offer and where to buy it over at

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