Silvine Notebook Review

A big thanks to Silvine for sending me some of their notebooks to review. Silvine is an iconic British notebook brand, and with 175 years experience they certainly know how to make some truly great notebooks that are used by all types is people in all types of industry, from school’s to a carpenters workshop. The notebooks they sent were the “Note”, “Exercise” and “Memo” let’s look at them individually.


Silvine Memo Notebook

This notebook is part of Silvine’s indie limited edition selection (The modern take on the iconic classic). It’s 159 X 97mm with 52 perforated ruled pages. Unlike the iconic red colour normally found by Silvine this notebook is in a nice Blue (Blot) colour, with gold lettering on the cover and gold stitching on the spine. This gives the notebook and elegant look.

The book has a 300gsm cover giving it a quality feel and the inside pages are 90gsm ruled.

The book is pocket sized and feels really good to write in, perfect for memos.

A nice touch with these books is that they come with a bookmark.

Silvine Note

This notebook comes in the iconic red colour. It has a 300gsm cover with 52 (90gsm) plain pages, 190x125mm. This notebook like the others had a great quality feel to it and is perfect for sketching or jotting down your ideas. The main thing I noticed about all of the books is the great paper quality, they all feel great to write/draw in.

Silvine Exercise Notebook

This like the others this book has the great quality 300gsm cover (in red) and 90gsm pages, 52 in total, that are ruled with a margin. It also has a midnight blue sewn spine. This book is bigger than the others and feels like the perfect notebook for those important projects, ideas or school work. The softcover means that it easy to take with you or pack into a bag. I really liked this notebook due to its versatility.


Silvine are making some outstanding products, and these notebooks are no different. The quality and feel of them are incredible, and with so many different sizes there will definitely be one to suite your needs. Visit them at and

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