First off, thank you to “Rite in the rain” for sending me some of their great all weather products to review. I had a lot of fun trying them out and can tell you now… They’re awesome.


I received the 307f hardcover and the 374 softcover. Both these came in yellow and looked great. The hardcover had 160 pages (80 perforated sheets) of grided paper, and each is page numbered. And the softcover 128 pages (64 perforated sheets) of grided paper. The quality of these books is very high and they felt really good to use. A nice touch is that at the back of each book there are conversion charts and other useful information. Like all of their products they are weather/sweat/mud/grime/oil and water proof and will pretty much stand up to anything… So we put it to the test. We dunked a page into some water and wrote on it with the all weather pen they sent (also great, made of metal, writes in any weather/temperature and even upside down), I wasn’t sure what to expect… But it worked flawless. I even tried writing on it under the water with a cheap ball point and it wrote on the paper with no issues. The final test was to take the paper out of the water, dry it, then write on it again… It worked too with no issues. The paper wasn’t even soggy. I was very impressed.

Pocket organiser

I also recieved a Cordura pocket organiser. It had 2 translucent mesh pockets, a notpad pocket, rugged zippers and a molle mound. This was another premium product, it’s rugged, hard wearing and had plenty of storage space for all my pens and pocket notepad. It could actually be used for a variety of things it doesn’t have to be just stationery.

All in all I was blown away with what “Rite in the rain” had to offer. Their products were super high quality, delivered on there promise of “all weather” and genuinely felt really good to use. They would be great for construction workers, field workers, the outdoors type or even in the office. I can’t recommend this company enough. See for yourself at www.riteintherain.com and see the video review at my YouTube channel

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