TABI Notebook review

A big thank you to TABI for sending me their A4 notebook (£19.90) to review. There is also an A5 version available at So what is TABI? We’ll before I answer that let me ask you, how many times do you write something into a notebook then spend forever trying to find it again, or spend an age flicking through pages to realise your in the wrong notebook… TABI is the solution to this and much more.

Around the edge of the notebook are tabs. Each of the tabs correspond to a certain page on the notebook. All you have to do is lift the tab you want and you go straight to the note you need. There is plenty of space in each tab to write on, they even include space to add a date if needed. Along the bottom are tabs that take you to a larger writing area so you can make more detailed notes.

This notebook is super innovative and can be used in lots of different ways to make your life more organised.

I really like this product and will be using it for all my notes. Check out the full review on my YouTube channel, and see more of TABI at

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